What is this site about?

A Platform for like minded people to come together, collaborate and make things happen!
In other words, this is a portal to discuss, explore and experience “The Good Life”, so that we can get the best out of our lives.

Why is it needed?

Everybody is quick to curtail your voices. This is to ensure that our voices are heard. Most of the currently existing platforms for Change and Activism are sadly interested in supporting only progressive and left wing kind of agenda. We want to be a neutral platform, where all kinds of positive voices are heard and promoted.

How do you plan to do it?

Tools like Community (Mighty Network), Articles, Email Lists and future tools that we will develop to facilitate collaboration among our community members to plan, organize and take action on things that we aim to make it happen or bring about some sort of change. We also have an Ecommerce Store that will act as a source to generate revenue to keep this Portal up and running.

What kind of content can I expect to see here?

You will see content related to Categories like Personal Development, Inspiration and Motivation, Money and Finances, Activism, Consciousness, Government And Laws etc. The goal is to curate content and provide tools and a platform to discuss, explore and experience “The Good Life”.
Is the content going to be perfect or flawless or something? We don’t know. How are we supposed to know? Our world has been build on trial and error over billions of years and today also, it is no different. We have expanded our consciousness all the while with our mistakes, failures and learnt from all that and moved ahead in time. It is the same with the site content as well. We select all the content with the best of intentions and a good amount of vetting and hope that it adds value to the lives of our viewers.

Why is the site heavy on Videos from other sources?

As of now, we are a small shop with limited financial and other resources. Whatever it takes to come to a stage of becoming able to produce content internally, we are doing. Besides what is wrong in curating the right content in one place for our audiences to consume? We believe that does add value for our target audience.

Why don’t you have a lot of Articles as of yet?

As mentioned above, we are just getting started and don’t have guest writers etc. We are trying to get there. In the meanwhile, if any of you is interested to write for us, feel free to contact us.